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Change Manager

Change Manager

For a client, we're looking for a Change Manager.


- Analysis of the situation
- Establishment of a change management strategy adapted to the situation
- Execution of the change plan following the determined strategy
- Establishment and piloting of the training plan (including the facilitation of some training)
- Establishment and management of the communication plan
- Conducting and analyzing surveys (ADKAR type)
- Establishment of a plan for the sustainability of the change
- Execution of the change sustainability plan
- Participate in certain cross-functional activities and workshops to ensure good acceptance and understanding of change across the organization


- Very good active listening skills, empathy
- Flexible and adaptable
- Ability to work in complex situations
- Ability to set up realistic action plan
- Solution-oriented when faced with problems
- Team Manager
- Ideally Prosci/ADKAR certification
Freelance consultant Senior Full-time
(Digital) Business Analyst
Program Manager
John Benamar
John Benamar
Published on Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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